Ontario Medical Supply (OMS) is a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment, home healthcare products, mobility and seating devices, home oxygen, and home infusion therapy products and services. For over 60 years, OMS has provided comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare products and services to long term care (LTC) facilities, retirement homes, group homes, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), healthcare professionals, and retail clients.

Our goal is to deliver products and services that reinforce residents’ independence, comfort and dignity while supporting staff and facilities to deliver best practices, improve resident clinical outcomes and provide cost-effective solutions.


OMS offers a wide range of products and services that are subject to clinical trials and testing to meet the highest standard of quality:

Infusion Therapy Products and Supplies

OMS and Medical Pharmacies provide home parenteral nutrition (HPN) and IV therapy (Infusion) programs that include timely, reliable and high-quality equipment and services to residents of long term care and retirement communities, and individuals receiving care through Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

OMS supplies various brands of tube enteral feeding equipment:

  • Compat® DualFlo pump
  • EntraFlo pump
  • Covidien portable pumps (Kangaroo ePump and Kangaroo Joey pump)
  • Zevex portable Entralite® Infinity® pump
  • All related tube feeding supplies and accessories such as feed sets, adaptors and carry packs for portability

Ostomy Products

OMS has vast experience providing ostomy supplies when required. OMS supplies the Hollister, Convatec and Coloplast brands. To support clients, residents and patients that require enterostomal devices, OMS will offer additional specialized support and education for clients with enteral feeding and ostomy product and equipment requirements through an enterostomal therapy (ET) nurse/wound care nurse.

Wound Care Products

OMS has a wide range of skin and wound care products and services and a comprehensive healthcare solution for residents and staff. Education and training are important components of an effective skin and wound care program. OMS offers education and training through access to specialized nurse educators and wound care manufacturers to support staff in assessing, evaluating and documenting skin and wound care.

Patient Safety Equipment and Products

It is well known that falls are associated with transfers around the bed and with toileting. OMS supplies a wide range of equipment and products that aid in the prevention of falls such as bathroom safety equipment (grab bars, transfer benches, raised toilet seats, commodes), room equipment (high/low beds, specialty mattresses, transfer assist equipment, floor mats), fall monitoring devices (bed and chair alarms), and appropriate clothing (hip protectors, anti-slip socks, fall prevention identification kits).

Incontinence and Skin Care Products

OMS provides incontinence and skin care products that support patient dignity, independence and comfort with optimal clinical results, at affordable costs. Our continence care program ensures management teams and staff have access to education and resources in order to effectively assess and monitor conditions. We focus on reducing product consumption and cost containment by ensuring patients are provided with high quality, innovative products for fit, absorbency and comfort, so fewer SKUs are required. Clients can easily measure policy adherence and determine education needs through valuable monthly reports.

Seating and Mobility Products

OMS’ seating and mobility team provide industry-leading knowledge in guiding end-users and therapists with ideal mobility solutions. We offer walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters as well as precise fitting of seating components for even the most complex patients. Our wide range of products meet all patient mobility and financial requirements.

Home Oxygen

Home oxygen therapy is prescribed for some patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood, typically due to respiratory conditions. Our home oxygen team works closely with clients, their family members, physicians and other members of the healthcare team to provide the most appropriate therapy to meet the client’s needs.

We provide state-of-the-art equipment, specializing in convenient Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) to promote client mobility and independence. Staff registered respiratory therapists provide regular at home assessments, care plans and assistance with funding if applicable.

Other Products

Visit our website or call us for a complete list of supplies and equipment we carry.

Value Added Services & Expertise

OMS’ success in the industry is a result of our value added clinical services and expertise that we provide for residents and staff, such as:

  • onsite consultations
  • product fittings
  • purchase and usage reports
  • product training for staff
  • training and education for patients, residents and families

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