Medical Pharmacies is committed to national safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn More

Medical Pharmacies is committed to providing solutions to help you promote resident safety. Extra precautions and additional steps have been taken in our service delivery model to ensure we maintain the utmost in safety for both staff and residents in your community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

As your partners in safe medication management, we want to make you aware of further risks in your home that we can help mitigate:

Since independent residents have a choice in pharmacy providers, multiple companies could be delivering medications to your home every day. Some residents who do not currently have a delivery option from their current pharmacy, need to leave their home or have family members deliver medications. The increased in-and-out traffic in your home is a greater risk for transmitting infection. By recommending all residents to use your contracted pharmacy partner, Medical Pharmacies, as their service provider, you can streamline deliveries to your home and reduce risk.

After the pandemic has cleared, residents may transition back to their original pharmacy, if desired.


  • Reduced need for residents to leave the home for pharmacy support
  • Reduced delivery traffic to the home
  • Increased consistency and standardization in medication dispensing & delivery to your home

Next steps to help residents make the switch to Medical Pharmacies:

  1. Order Resident Guides if you don’t have enough for your home.
  2. Distribute the attached posters in your home.
  3. Discuss and share the attached email template with your resident council.
  4. Have residents complete the consent/payment information form in the Resident Guide.
  5. Have residents return the forms to Medical Pharmacies using the fax, email or mail, using the addressed envelope enclosed with the Resident Guide.

Medication managed (green)         Non-medication managed (blue)

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