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Fall alarms are an essential part of a falls management program, helping to keep high fall-risk residents safer by reducing unassisted bed, chair, stretcher and toilet exits. The Joint Commission on Quality and Patient Safety states that the “rigorous use of bed and chair alarms in appropriate patients was considered by the HFC to be the most important policy that improved the rate of falls.”

Posey has combined the functionality of its best-in-class fall alarms and versatile sensors with the convenience of wireless technology – making it even easier for you to protect your residents in all locations for TLC: Total Location Coverage, contributing to Posey’s longstanding commitment to S.A.F.E Falls management protocol.

The S.A.F.E. Approach is an integrated partnership program that combines innovative tools, a range of products, knowledgeable experts and educational resources into one solution tailored specifically to your organization through four effective steps (Survey, Analyze, Facilitate and Evaluate). The S.A.F.E. Approach is designed to minimize fall rates, reduce related costs and improve compliance within your facility.

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