Nurses’ Week Spotlight: Wendy McCaw

Nurses’ Week – established in honour of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing – is a longstanding tradition of celebrating the tremendous role that nurses play in every stage of a resident/patient’s healthcare journey. The COVID-19 pandemic brings to light the courage and commitment nurses bring to their profession every day.

Medical Pharmacies is entwined with nurses in all that we do, across all our lines of business, which is why our Nurses’ Week theme this year is friendship. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our friend in nursing, Wendy McCaw, who is a COVID Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) Nurse at one of MPGL’s long-term care homes.

1. What is your role at MPGL?

I complete rapid antigen testing (RAT) for the staff at an LTC home.

2. Why did you want to be, or what was your inspiration to become a RAT Nurse?

I wanted to help the seniors through this pandemic and keep them safe. Initially, they were the hardest hit and it seemed no one was helping. As my Mom lives in a retirement home, she became very isolated from her family and community; I felt if I could be part of keeping the seniors safe, I could help them return to a normal lifestyle.

3. What has been your favorite experience at MPGL?

My favourite experience is two-fold: my manager is so flexible with scheduling, listens to new ideas, and makes changes as needed to suit the needs of the staff and the LTC home. I feel this reflects the company. My other experience is with the staff at the LTC home – they are grateful for our help with testing, and we are all working together to keep the home and the staff safe.

4. If you could interview one person (dead or alive) in the healthcare industry, who would it be and why?

I would love to interview Florence Nightingale on her experiences from the beginning of her career and how far nurses have come with their profession.

5. Which has been more valuable in your career, your education or your experience? Why?

By far it is the experience over the past 40 years of my career that has been most valuable. No one can teach you real-life experiences sitting in a classroom. Every shift in my career is new, different, and cannot compare to my education.

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