Medical Pharmacies + BOOMR®: Transitions Made Easy

You have a home to run, and you want to provide the highest level of safety and service to your residents, whether they are independent or require assistance. But ensuring this is no easy task. Each resident has their individual preferences, personalities, care needs and family to support.

If you’re also working with multiple pharmacies, it becomes even more complicated:
• Inconsistent packaging increases time to administer
• Differences in medication records take longer to decipher or transcribe
• Inconsistencies in delivery & handling may increase the risk of med incidents and harm

The BOOMR program supports residents in transitions – whether they are moving in, or are an existing resident and want to switch to Medical Pharmacies – we make the process easier for you and the resident.

Residents can try Medical Pharmacies without any obligation, by starting out with a BOOMR medication review. If they transition to MPGL:

No added work for you or your team. We do the work for you.

Residents are safer and happier. Your team is streamlined and able to focus more time on resident care and service. And your home has a unique differentiator to increase occupancy.

Make resident transitions better for residents and easier for your team. Contact your Account Manager to start using BOOMR today

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