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Evaluating Long-Term Care Homes’ Intravenous Therapy Experiences (LIVE Study)

Background: In Ontario, administration of IV therapy in long-term care (LTC) homes is fragmented due to poorly coordinated services among health care providers and a lack of an evidence-based pathway for the management of IV therapies. IV therapy has traditionally been performed in controlled settings such as hospitals and emergency departments. This is costly and often results in unfavorable outcomes.

The LIVE study aims to develop and evaluate a clinical pathway that will support best practice of IV treatment delivery in long term care and avoid unnecessary emergency department transfers and hospitalizations.

Objectives: To ensure timely access to intravenous (IV) therapy within long-term care (LTC) homes for residents with lower respiratory tract infections (RTI) or urinary tract infections (UTI) or requiring hydration using evidence-based clinical pathways for LTC to:

  1. prevent transfers to hospital for this treatment
  2. early discharge to LTC for residents admitted to hospital and started on IV therapy to complete their course of treatment

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GERAS LIVE study page

LIVE study toolkit

Clinical pathway to assess and manage Lower Respiratory Tract Infection

Clinical pathway to assess and manage Urinary Tract Infection


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