Pharmacy Services

Where are your pharmacies located? Can I walk into any store?

We currently have 40 pharmacy locations across Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Many of these are specific to supporting care facilities and are not open to the public. You can use our pharmacy locator here.

Once I’ve signed up with Medical Pharmacies, will the nurses in my care community continue to give me my medications? Will my physician change?

Your nurses and physicians will stay the same and will work together with the pharmacist to provide you with the best care.

Who will be my pharmacist?

Medical Pharmacies Clinical Consultant Pharmacists hold an introduction meeting at every care community – dates and times are posted/announced in advance by your home. If you miss the meet and greet, your Pharmacist will still make regular visits to your residence and you can always book a consultation. Please speak to your Director of Care/Wellness for more information.

Who do I talk to about my medications?

If your residence has chosen to work with Medical Pharmacies as its provider of choice, and you have filled out your Consent Form, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with your Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, at your residence.

Will I get the same service? What will change?

You will receive the same services and more. Our pharmacists are experts in serving people in senior and supportive housing communities, and will provide education to you and your family and be available for consultations. They will also complete reviews of your medications to ensure your wellbeing and continued health.

How long does it take to get my medications?

We typically deliver medications within 24 hours of receipt of the prescription. Special arrangements for earlier delivery can be made for urgent situations.

Will I get my same medications? Will the medications look different?

Your medications will stay the same as ordered by your physician. Sometimes the new pharmacy may use a different generic brand, or offer different, easy-to-use packaging, so the medication may look different.

I just moved into a retirement community that has Medical Pharmacies. Can I keep my old pharmacist?

You are free to keep your existing pharmacist if you are managing your own medications, however you would benefit to switch to a pharmacy that specializes in senior health that delivers medications right to your home, at no cost.

If your community has selected Medical Pharmacies as its contracted pharmacy service provider, and care staff are managing your medications, your medications will be dispensed by one of our expert pharmacists. The transition from your current pharmacy will be seamless; the only thing we require from you is to have your Consent Form and Payment Form to each be completed in full and returned back to us as soon as possible.


What am I paying for? I thought drugs were covered by my provincial health insurance.

Provincial drug plans cover most prescriptions for seniors, however, some medications are only partly or not at all covered by the provincial plan. In addition, sometimes you must pay a deductible, and/or cover a portion of the dispensing fees (called a co-pay). For any costs not covered by your provincial plan, we will bill your private drug plan if you have one, or otherwise bill you directly on a monthly basis. For more information on drug coverage please refer to your provincial health ministry’s website.

How do I sign up and pay for Medical Pharmacies services?

To sign up and pay for Medical Pharmacies, fill out the Consent Form and Payment Form in the Resident Guide you would have received from your home, and return directly to your pharmacy. To find out which Medical Pharmacies store services your home, please reach out to your care team.

Does Medical Pharmacies provide official prescription receipts?

Medical Pharmacies provides prescription receipts that includes both tax deductible and non-tax-deductible items (e.g. over the counter medications). Contact and we can email or mail these to you upon request.

I’d like to pay by cash – can I just send this to you in the mail?

Payment options include convenient, pre-authorized payment directly from your bank account or credit card, online banking, or you could mail us a cheque each month. We do not encourage sending cash in the mail as there is no way to track or manage lost or stolen payments.

How do you invoice?

For our patients in long-term care and assisted living residences, Medical Pharmacies provides itemized monthly statements that include drug name, quantity dispensed and cost for each prescription specified. Official prescription documents are additionally provided for those customers who require them (i.e. in the event that an insurance plan does not adjudicate claims through the dispensary system). For more information contact 

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