About Us

In 1957, pharmacist Erast Huculak opened the doors of his first Medical Pharmacy in Oshawa, Ontario.

Erast was a forward thinker who provided his customers with medication counseling before it became standard practice because he cared about the comfort, health and well-being of each of his customers.  He extended his service by providing prescriptions deliveries by bicycle to seniors and customers who could not make it to the store.

In 1987, a partnership was created with three pharmacists Stephen Pearson, Sydney Shrott and Richard Sevazlian, all whom had executive experience providing pharmacy service to long term care homes. Steve, Syd, Richard and Carole McKiee continue to guide Medical Pharmacies into the future as members of the Board of Directors. Richard actively oversees the direction of Medical Pharmacies as the Chairman of the Board.

The legacy of caring for people and exceptional service continues to be an integral part of the fabric of the company.


Our Mission:

To provide excellence in care to meet the individual needs to each client.

Today, Medical Pharmacies is Canada’s leading pharmacy specializing in providing pharmacy services to long term care, retirement homes and extended care facilities.  From multiple locations, Medical Pharmacies continues to deliver a personalized pharmacy experience to over 40,000 residents, one person at a time.

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